Our Offer


We organize for our guests:

  • special events;
  • company events and integration parties
  • suppers combined with wine degustation and a professional wine training suited to the guests’ demands
  •  Christmas parties
  • business meetings (a possibility of an exclusive reservation of the entire restaurant)

Bianca has three intimate rooms. The largest one seats up to 24 guests at one table. Two rooms have view on cold and warm kitchens, thanks to which guests can watch how their dishes are being prepared. In summer there is a summer garden, near the Main Square and St. Mary’s Church. Thanks to a special, intimate character of our place, we offer a possibility of an exclusive reservation of the entire restaurant – in such a case our Head Chef and staff will give you their undivided attention.

For special reservations, in order to make the process smooth, we suggest making menu adjustments beforehand. In cases related to adjusting the menu, please contact the restaurant managers and the Head Chef directly:




Vouchers, which may be a nice and casual gift, are available at the restaurant.