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About us

Bianca Pasta & Wine

Bianca Pasta & Wine is a comfortable restaurant in a charming corner of the Main Market Square next to St. Mary's Church. We offer what is the quintessence of Italian cuisine - simplicity and at the same time the pleasure of composing dishes, based on the best ingredients imported from various parts of Italy. We enjoy cooking in our open kitchen in front of our guests where we can put into practise our ideas and recipes inspired by various culinary experiences.

Our card

Our card changes seasonally - we only use ingredients of the highest quality, unprocessed and seasonal products, from which we can extract the essence of their flavour and create the proposed compositions unique. The menu is based on fresh, unprocessed products, not containing preservatives, dyes and artificial enhancers. The only spices we use to obtain the flavour are salt, pepper, vegetables and fresh herbs such as basil, oregano, mint, thyme.

Robert Koczwara

Apart from the propositions on our card, the Chef also offers our guests additional items: gluten-free or whole-grain pasta, on the basis of which pastas are prepared to compose a tasting menu, consisting of items not on the main menu.