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Robert Koczwara

Robert has been associated with gastronomy since 1995. He specializes in Italian cuisine, participated in numerous internships and trainings in Italy, including in Piedmont and Tuscany. The first sister restaurant Trattoria Mamma Mia co-founded since the opening - 2006. In the following years he was responsible for training the chefs of new restaurants in the group: Bianca, Boscaiola, La Grande Mamma and The Spaghetti. When asked about the definition of the ideal chef indicates - diligence, and commitment. Privately, he is a travel enthusiast and devoted to his children whom he loves to spend time with.

Sous Chef

Kamil Szczypczyk

Kamil began his adventure with gastronomy seven years ago. He came to Bianca completely by accident, and stayed, and with us has developed his wings. In his free time he relaxes with mechanical repairs on his car and playing squash. Teamwork is defined by understanding and self-control. He is one of the members of the Fiorentina restaurant team of chefs who won three awards in the prestigious Wine & Food Noble Night 2018 competition.

Sous Chef

Piotr Brózda

Piotrek pracę w gastronomii rozpoczął 13lat temu. Do Bianci z zainteresowania do kuchni włoskiej oraz chęci jej poznawania. W wolnych chwilach jest kochającym ojcem dwóch synów 6 miesięcy i 3 lata. A relaksuje się podczas gry na pianinie. Do działania motywuje go pasja, możliwość rozwoju i ambicja. Do jego pasji oprócz pianina zalicza się hotelarstwo i gastronomia. Jako zmianowego definiuje go zaangażowanie oraz chęć ciągłego doskonalenia swoich i umiejętności zespołu. W pracy z ludźmi najbardziej sobie ceni poznawanie nowych osobowości, nawiązywanie nowych przyjaźni oraz możliwość rozwijania umiejętności dyplomatycznych.


Iwona Szymańska


Monika Pająk

Monika’s adventure with gastronomy began 9 years ago. In her spare time, she travels and delves into the gastronomy of other cultures. People motivate her to act and this is visible in her work. She relaxes when reading good books. As a supervisor she is responsible, determined and consistent. Monika values honesty and commitment in working with people.


Hanna Jankowska

Hanna has been associated with the MSHG group for over three years. She started work as a waitress in the Mamma Mia restaurant; she has been working at Bianca since February 2017. She completed BA studies in international relations with the specialty: contemporary diplomacy. Hanna is continuing her Masters in the strategic studies specialty. In her spare time she likes to play squash.